Ankr and Chiliz Revolutionize Web3 Sports: Unlocking Boundless Fan Engagement

• Ankr and Chiliz have recently announced a new collaboration to create easy access to their Layer 1 sports blockchain network.
• Ankr is the primary Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider for Chiliz Chain, providing Public and Premium endpoints on their RPC platform.
• The partnership will allow direct relationships between sports teams and their global audiences.

Ankr & Chiliz Unite

Ankr has struck a new collaboration with Chiliz, the creator of Fan Tokens and Ankr will become the main Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider for the Chiliz Chain, creating easy access to their L1 sports blockchain. Additionally, Public and Premium endpoints will be made available on Ankr’s RPC platform.

Node Validator Program

Chiliz Chain will implement a network of 11 active Proof-of-Staked Authority (PoSA) node validators consisting of leading blockchain experts. In the long term, renowned sports entities will be added to the list and Ankr will also become a Node Validator with two nodes running on the chain – one as an active node while another as a spare candidate in case of any failures or outages.

Unlocking Boundless Fan Engagement

The partnership between Ankr and Chiliz has been designed to unlock boundless fan engagement by allowing direct relationships between sports teams and their global audiences via their Layer 1 sports blockchain network. The CEO of Ankr Chandler Song commented that they were “excited” to continue collaborating with Chiliz in order to create “an incredibly high-performance Web3 experience for sports fans around the world”.

Previous Partnership

The two platforms had already partnered up back in February 2022 when they agreed on having Ankr lead the development of the Chiliz Chain network which allowed them to expand this latest venture into becoming its main RPC provider for enhanced access control over its Layer 1sports blockchain network .


This news shows how Blockchain technology can revolutionize web3 Sports and Entertainment by unlocking boundless fan engagement through partnerships such as this one between Ankr & Chiliz who are providing remote procedure calls & node validators for their layer 1 Sports Blockchain Network!