Argentina Investigates Worldcoin Over Data Privacy Concerns: Will It Be Shut Down?

• Argentina is investigating the biometric identification and wallet platform Worldcoin due to legal allegations of data privacy violations.
• The Public Information Access Agency (AAIP) issued a letter to the Wordcoin Foundation, requiring information about their data practices and protocols for protecting Argentine citizens’ personal data.
• Other nations such as the U.K., France, and Bavaria are also raising legal queries about Worldcoin’s gathering of biometric data.

Argentina Investigating into Worldcoin Over Data Privacy Concerns

The government of Argentina has initiated an investigation into Worldcoin, the biometric ID and wallet initiative, focusing on its data practices. On August 7, the Public Information Access Agency (AAIP), the country’s data oversight entity, issued a letter to the Wordcoin Foundation. This communication seeks data from the foundation to confirm its adherence to privacy safeguards for citizens engaged in the project.

Purpose of Investigation

The official investigation comes in response to a legal allegation by Daniel Monastersky, a Data Governance Latam partner. The complaint raises concerns about potential Personal Data Protection Act breaches and non-compliance in managing the gathered biometric data. In a recently issued press statement, the government declared they “will take appropriate steps to address any identified issues and ensure that the company complies with security and privacy standards.“

Worldcoins Required Protocols

As per AAIP’s directives, Wordcoin must adhere to protocols outlined in Personal Data Protection Act which encompasses registering with agency providing details about their handling practices specifying purpose for collecting data disclosing duration for retaining it plus outlining security & confidentiality protocols that protect personal data of Argentinian residents.

Global Concerns Regarding Privacy Issues

Argenitna is not only nation expressing apprehension regarding privacy issues linked with WorldCoin similar concerns have caught attention of Information Commissioner’s Office supervisory body in UK National Commission of Informatics & Liberty (CNIL) French authority overseeing privacy matters have raised legal queries about WoldCoin’s biometric gathering while Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision has stated it will look into matter if someone files formal complaint against them concerning violation of German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Government Taking Necessary Actions

Suppose concerns arise as result of this investigation then government has affirmed its commitment taking necessary actions rectifying any identified issues ensuring WorldCoin alignment with established security & privacy benchmarks