BitClout 2.0: Turning Reputation Into an Asset Class!

• BitClout 2.0 is the next stock market for people with new products and features.
• It uses a sophisticated airdrop system to reward early adopters and incentivize trading activity.
• Creator Coins V2 are tied to an individual’s reputation, allowing them to monetize their work on the platform.

BitClout 2.0 Announced as Next Stock Market for People

Chainwire recently announced that Bitclout 2.0, the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2021’s viral sensation, has been revealed by @diamondhands through decentralized social app Diamond. BitClout 2.0 aims to build upon its predecessor by introducing several new products and features, effectively turning reputation into an asset class on par with NFTs today.

Airdrop Mechanics

To incentivize trading activity on BitClout 2.0, a $BITCLOUT token will be introduced that will reward early adopters through a sophisticated and viral airdrop scheme inspired from both BitClout 1.0 and Blur marketplace for NFTs. The airdrop mechanics will not only drive trading liquidity but also “content liquidity” by compensating the most active creators on the platform who post regularly and engage in the community’s discussions.

Creator Coins V2

One of the groundbreaking products of BitClout 2.0 is Creator Coins V2, which is a reimagined version of the original trading product that sparked thousands of celebrities and influencers to join BitClout 1.0’s platform. These coins are linked to each individual’s reputation rather than companies or commodities; meaning that if Elon Musk successfully lands the first person on Mars or alternatively go bankrupt, it will affect its Creator Coin price accordingly and allow them to monetize their work in ways never before possible in web2 platforms like Twitter or Instagram..

Forward Compatibility

Creator Coins V1 holders can transfer over seamlessly since these coins are fully backward compatible with V1, while they can be tradeable at DeSo DEX – world’s fastest order book exchange showcased by Openfund – once launched for public use after DeSo blockchain transitions itself into Revolution Proof of Stake consensus mechanism complete . The white paper for this new project can be accessed at bitclout2deso .com/ , where you must send DM at @bitclout via any DeSo App such as Diamond or DeSo Chat Protocol so as to get access password .


BitClot 2.0 promises to take decentralised social media platforms like Diamond even further by introducing these innovative products along with its unique airdrop system; allowing individuals‘ reputations become assets – just like NFT’s today – while providing incredible opportunities monetise their work online in ways truly revolutionary compared traditional web2 platforms like Twitter or Instagram!