Gain Early Access to Pre-Launch Tokens with prePO!

• Chainwire prePO has announced that early deposits for pre-public tokens are about to commence on Arbitrum.
• Through the platform, users will have access to pre-launch tokens such as Arbitrum and OpenSea.
• Early depositors will receive prePO token incentives, and will automatically earn ETH staking yield via integration with Lido.

Chainwire PrePO Opens Market For Pre-Launch Tokens

Chainwire prePO has announced the commencement of early deposits for pre-public tokens on its exchange platform Arbitrum. This provides guaranteed access to several markets, including those of established crypto projects like Arbitrum ($ARB), StarkWare ($STRK), MetaMask, zkSync and OpenSea.

Incentives For Early Depositors

Early depositors (up to a deposit cap) will be rewarded with prePO token incentives, in addition to earning an ETH staking yield via integration with Lido. This allows retail investors to gain access to opportunities previously unavailable in the crypto market.

prePO’s Mission And Goals

prePO is a decentralized trading platform aiming to democratize pre-public investing by allowing anyone synthetic exposure to any stock or token prior its launch on public markets. The PPO token holders and wider public will be able vote on initial markets offered by the platform, which is estimated to launch within weeks from now.

Key Links

Those interested in participating can learn more via the official announcement at: Website | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn | Brand Assets

About PrePo

PrePo’s mission is transform a world of financial exclusion into one of permissionless access, offering users a secure and compliant way of accessing global financial services products and services using their own personal wallets or accounts connected with blockchain technology .