Nuclear Mining Center Completed in Susquehanna: Zero-Carbon Mining for the Future

• The first nuclear mining center has successfully been completed in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.
• The center is 300,000 square feet and 48-megawatts, and is powered by a nuclear plant.
• The center is owned by Talen Energy, and is part of their Nautilus Cryptomine enterprise, with the mission to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable electricity.

A new milestone has been reached in the crypto mining world with the completion of a nuclear powered data center located in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. The 48-megawatt, 300,000 square foot center is the first of its kind in the United States, and is set to house Bitcoin mining activities and cloud computing operations once it is up and running.

The center was built by Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of Talen Energy, an independent power producer founded in 2015 and headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Talen Energy is headed by Alex Hernandez, who also heads Cumulus Data, and they have been affiliated with the cryptocurrency mining company TeraWulf since 2021. In order to tackle existing limitations in crypto mining, Talen and TeraWulf have joined forces to create a zero-carbon mining joint enterprise, named Nautilus Cryptomine, which is expected to develop up to 300 megawatts of zero-carbon Bitcoin mining capacity.

The center is situated next to the Susquehanna power plant, and has already installed some fiber routes in service. The center is set to open up to the market this year, with the mission to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable electricity for its customer base. Alex Hernandez, head of Cumulus Data, spoke about the data center and its plans to achieve this, stating that “We are excited to provide our customers with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, while also providing them with reliable, sustainable electricity.”

The completion of this nuclear mining center is a great leap forward for the Bitcoin mining industry, and is sure to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole. It is hoped that the center will lead the way in providing sustainable, reliable electricity for crypto mining operations, while also reducing carbon emissions.